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{wf} guided by voices
29th-Oct-2017 07:57 pm - The Curse of Aaron Boone continues...
Update: 12/13/07 - Mitchell Report.

According  to correspondent yoshi3309:

im sure roger was juicin in Boston! and im sure andy didnt take it. Mitchell just doesnt like him.

Trot Nixon was on it toO!! bohahahaha

but a-roddian is the man. he goes nah nah nah nah to mitchell.

R.I.P. ICON. :-((( I don't want to get rid of it...maybe alter the image. /rubs hands together, laughs maniacally

So last night, what could've/should've/would've turned into zee wurst knight evahhh as far as baseball goes, wasn't because yoshi3309  commented on my Luna icon, and I said that since the average Yankees fan's IQ has to be higher than the average Red Sox fan's, Luna would soooo be a Yankees fan. Then we began assigning players on the Yanks and the Sox characters...DAVID ORTIZ IS UMBRIDGE. His face is wide...almost toadlike. :3 Anddd, HARRY FUCKING POTTER is a Yanks fan too, because of the whole "I must not tell tell lies" ordeal. Those lies would being any sort of blasphemy that the "Yankees Suck" or something. Of course Voldemort would also be Team Yankees -- he and Darth Vader get spechhhullll box seats, courtesy of George Steinbrenner. Fact: We got the Good & the Bad...the Sox just have the Ugly. :D

As of now...we have:
- Derek Jeter as Cedric Diggory
- Joba Chamberlain as Colin Creevy
- Robinson Cano as Dean Thomas
- Chien-Ming Wang as Neville Longbottom
- Andy Pettitte as Sirius Black
- Mariano Rivera as Remus Lupin
- Roger Clemens as Mad-Eye Moody

Not quite the team, but worth a mention:
- Mel Stottlemyre as Horace Slughorn

And zee en-ah-mees:
- Alex Rodriguez as Lucius Malfoy
- Johnny Damon as Mungdungus Fletcher
- Kevin Youkilis as Peter Pettigrew
- Manny Ramirez as Peeves
- David Ortiz as Umbridge
- Curt Schilling as Argus Filch/Fenrir Greyback (whomever's more vile...or if they morphed into one, yeah, that would be him)

...Okay I know this all sounds kinda crazy. But at least it's keeping us amused and not sinking into some depressed stupor over the current state of the Yanks & Sox. Oh yeah, and if I do say so myself, we're making a hell of a lot better decisions at "player acquisitions" than Brian Cashman. :P
{sports} pride of the yankees
23rd-Jan-2015 12:44 am - When sports & fandom collide, PART 2
It all started with an A-Rod picspam by the awesome eelrak...LOOK AT THOSE TOPAZ EYES:

A-Rod's eyes... kind of dazzle me, actually. A-ROD FOR EDWARD PLZ.

And it kinda just spiraled from there:Collapse )
{wf} guided by voices
31st-Dec-2008 01:01 am - The bibliophile and cinemaphile
Key (snagged):
♥ = loved
+ = liked
/ = okay
- = didn't like

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18th-Sep-2008 08:13 pm - Friends Cut
Cuts suck and I rarely do them. But I needed to clean up my f-list.

1) If you're still friended, this post doesn't pertain to you, except that I'm commenting less these days. But I still read your entries. If that's a problem or whatever, defriend away, no harm, no foul.
2) I only kept active journals...with maybe one or two exceptions. If I know you outside of LJ, but you don't journal much, that's the reason for the cut (not that I don't like you anymore).
3) People change. Interests diverge. That's all.
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9th-Mar-2008 10:21 pm - You cut me open and I
Damn you, Casino Royale.
Damn you for making me obsessed.

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8th-Feb-2008 05:46 pm - OH SHIT, RUN!

The 6 Cutest Animals That Can Still Destroy You

Perhaps you've seen this pic:

That is not in fact a man and a hippo doing a live reenactment of a cartoon they saw. That's an experienced park ranger, who narrowly avoided getting killed by a hippo by sprinting over a hundred yards.
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